Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mission Call

 After a few weeks of waiting for it to come, on March 13th, 2013 the call finally came! we were all so excited to open it and see where he was going. We made a big board where people could guess where he was going on his mission! It was fun to see where all the people guessed! Ely had to work at Village Inn and ended up getting off work later than expected. We all anxiously waited for his arrival, and an hour or so later, he finally came! and he was called to serve and labor in the...

San Pedro Sula, Honduras Mission 
Spanish speaking!!!!

 He would leave June 26rd 2013 which only gave him 105 days to prepare for an LDS Mission and get ready for the good times to be had in the two years to come!

***to learn more about the area Ely will be serving in, click HERE!

Chad Merica, Bryan Hansgen, Ward Chase, Joe Kougioulis, Ely, and Sid Hansgen

Stevie and Ely

Joe Kougioulis (Bishop)

Hunter, Ely, Luke and Clay

Keegan, Zach, Ryan, Kade, Ely and Xander

Stacy guessed Costa Rica which was the closest guess to where Ely will be serving. 

Ely and Keegan already looking up information on Honduras.
Ely and Kenzi

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