Monday, July 22, 2013

July 22, 2013

Family and everyone else that reads this! Hi!
Ok so I already told you I was the new District Leader which comes with its I can ask people to do stuff nicely and if they don't do it then I just love them like Christ loves them. I get to keep our district focused when we get unfocused. That's never fun to be the kill joy. But, regardless it is fun and my District is the so really I don't do much everyone is great about getting what needs to get done, completed on time. Oh I forgot to tell you I am the new Sacrament Coordinator so that's fun, also comes with some perks, like on Sunday I wake up an hour earlier than everyone else in the Zone!!! ahhaha No time for sleep, I'm on the Lords time. No time to be like unto Peter, James, and John! I love it! The meeting place where we hold sacrament is so peaceful and quiet!
So thank you everyone for the letters! They honestly give me a little break from time to time. Not saying I need one but it is nice! I hope everyone is feeling good and healthy and focusing on building up Zion and such! Write me! Tell me what’s going on with your lives! I miss everyone and I am starting to miss the weirdest things like cotton candy bubble gum!!! And dried fruits like apples bananas etc.... weird I know I never really ate that stuff before. Oh gosh I am laughing right now because I can just see everyone sending me that now. Please don't!!! Everyone communicate and I hope I only receive like one pack! :) I have gained five that's cool. Like I really am nervous about it though… I ate a salad the other day...only a what? Who am I? I then downed four bowls of ice cream with that salad. I am soo sickk. Can you just imagine the inside of my stomach? The things down there were like," OK he is wising up, salad is good, salad is good. Booooomm four bowls of earnestly chocolate mixed together with greens and carrot strips. Needless to say I did not feel too hot the whole rest of the day.
Some funny stories that happened this week are as follows: I had a lecture about Sister Missionaries and how all they talk about is marriage, clothing, and level of cuteness. We walked through the halls and literally every sister missionary group we ran into was discussing "....Oh my gosh to spend eternal life with that one perfect priesthood holder...." Alllllrighhhtttyyyy creeeepppyyyy!
But, really I always tell the District, "I told that sister I had the priesthood, rawwwr" They love it! Ummm another story, basically we learned Subjunctive and Preterit and Imperfect this week. Well yeah I'm screwed. It is like the Spanish came up with this crazy idea that they were going to change everything and make two words mean one thing and make it almost impossible for anyone to learn a language! I am down to pick up the language when I am out there. I am sick of this whole classroom business,,,,yeah sickk I don't know how to respond in Spanish. Teacher you are bilingual stop saying, "No entiendo" (i don't understand) you understand English! Chiste! I really do like Spanish, and it comes a little bit more everyday! I recommend everyone going Spanish speaking to start reading 15 minutes out loud every night! President Hinckley promised that the language would come easier if we did this. Which it is true it is coming easier!
A spiritual thought of the day, an experience happened with my tripanionship! So every Monday we get the chance to teach an investigator/member/maybe a nonmember. These people volunteer and get paid to come and get taught a lesson. There are people who help out for every language! So we go in there and talk to them and ask them questions and get to know their story and then leave them with a message. Ok, before I tell this story I had little to no testimony that the spirit directs our thoughts and actions.
Anyways, so we meet this guy Hermano Santana; coolest guy ever, he is from Chile and is a brand new convert to the church. He is in Utah because his wife goes to BYU. So anyways we are talking and we tell him we'd like to share a message with him. Right then I thought lets share the introduction with him! So we had him read the introduction and he started bawling, tears streaming down his face. I was choked up. He then told us that, this was the first time he had ever read the introduction! He said that we strengthened his testimony by a million!! He had the strongest testimony of what the introduction said and that it was exactly what he needed to hear! I am amazed! I seriously was blown away the whole rest of the day. I have the authority, to teach with the spirit and act with the spirit. I know that day the Spirit was the one speaking not us. I gave a strong hard testimony in Spanish that I didn't even know I had! It was ridiculous!
Other story is I seriously single handily got our investigator to commit to baptism! He was saying it’s too early, it’s too early and I proceeded to say. Por que no? Which means “why not.” I then said, “you believe in Jesus Christ right? You believe in the restoration no? You believe in the plan of salvation and you want to live with your Dad right? You have a testimony and you have received an answer from God that our message is true! Por que no?”It was intense and I swear to you the el don de lenguas es verdadero! The gift of tongues is true. :)
 I am super grateful to have both experiences! I love all the spiritual food I am being fed. I am glad for every opportunity I get to have on this earth. We owe Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father so much! He atoned for our sins! I have an absolutely wonderful message to share with you it will be coming in the mail! Stevie put it up on the Blog please!
Sam, keep kicking butt in Soccer! Work hard every day!
Dad: I love you and you know that! Keep setting the example and keep being inappropriate! Those are good memories I will hold forever!
Mom: How are you doing? I miss you every day!
Fambam: I love you all and I love all the memories I have with every one of you! Everyone has played a part in my attitude and my spiritual growth! Thank you for raising me the right way Mom and Dad and thank you for teaching me about hard work, for the words you've said to me and examples you have shown!
PS. the hem on three pairs of my pants ripped so I walked around with one pant leg longer than the other. People thought I had one leg longer than the other or that I had a peg leg. Either way I looked like a dork, so I took those in to get fixed! :) Yeah for rotating three pairs of pants for five days!
okkkkkkk love alll of you with every ounce of my body,  believe that!
I have flaws and I have found a way to love myself for those too! Stay positive and cling to the rod!
Elder Hache <3

Mom: Ps I am sending you a Nike Fuel band and you just need to get on Nike support and ask them if they will send you a warranty for it the button stopped working a kid gave it to me that was leaving. So please do that and send the new one!! Thanks I love you!
Psss thanks for the email!!! Geez it was hard to write because i had no clue what to talk about! I will be back on around 12:15 today! Love you bye!!!
Love you Sam and Stevie!!!
Love you DAD!!!!

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