Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 28, 2013

So everything is starting to mash all together here so, if I have already told you something I apologize in advance! 
Anyways, Hiiiii everyone! This week was a great week because I received my travel plans! I fly from here to Dallas, to Miami, to Honduras!
Mom, calm down I will email you a picture of it so you can see when I am where! :) 

So last week in MTC....time goes by so fast when you are feeling the spirit and being obedient and such! I only have six more days from now and like real legit days I have only two. Because today is p-day so it’s pretty easy, tomorrow is our Tuesday Night Devotional so that day is somewhat normal, Wednesday I am hosting,Thursday is In-field orientation, Friday is the only like real day, and Saturday I have to pack because you aren't suppose to pack on Sundays.  I report to the Travel Office at 2:30 AM (I am so glad I get to sleep so much...) anyways yeah!

I will let you in on a huge conspiracy theory that Elder Mclelland and I made up, the janitors here are just straight-up thugs, they are the king that eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die. They are always rubbing in our faces that they can hug girl janitors, text, play games on their phone, etc.... They are the worst! So this whole thing happened before I was born, I guess there was an uprising of the janitorial staff and all the missionaries could do was sit back and watch them take their land! We now live among them, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. We debugged our rooms so they can't hear our plan and conversations. They have tapped almost all other types of communication. I think they are on to us, because we didn't get any mail this week, they are holding our mail! The mail room and they have an alliance. Don't worry we have the cooks in the cafeteria. One word from us and the janitors will be spending next Christmas on their rears reading a magazine or whatever "those people" do on the toilet. We kind of have a Star Wars sits (situation) on our hands. We believe the head of the organization and or blue birds are really sitting on a throne of lies and the real king is walking among us, living in the trenches, doing the dirty work. I hope I survive another week in this place. It has been said that if you are to look one in the eye your testimony is forever shaken. Okkk haha enough is enough! Sorry if you were bored with it!

I am doing great, I am so sad to leave this place but, then again I am so ready to leave. I am going to miss my teachers so much! I had the coolest experience ever with one of them... it really is just too spiritual to type or even talk about, if we are still close after the mission I will let someone read it, or I might even let out a couple words here and there and explain it to you. Family...duh that's a given I will tell you!
I am sooo stoked to get to Honduras. Not to scare anyone but, I met someone from there and she says she has nightmares about the nights there, basically because her two adopted brothers were murdered. Yeah, sorry it got real for a second. Anyways I can't die. I won't die. Obedience to a T means lucky me! I just made that up, that was stupid. Sorry. I have lost my sense of humor today.

 Today we were able to sleep in to the regular time everyone usually wakes up because it is p-day.  Elder Reid forgot to turn off the alarm so it went off at 6:17 AM and Elder Lambert is like shoot I forgot to change it and I said cleverly, " Thank you so much Elder, how did you know, this is the exact time I wanted to wake up?"  “That's what I am all about, six seventeen swag!” “Just the perfect time so you can't go back to bed but, you also don't want to get up. :)

Mom, great question about asking people if we can use their faces in my blog… They all said yeah, and then made fun of me for asking the question. But really Madre, you are the greatest, I seriously can't wait to hug you when I get home! 
Dad: Love you and miss you, whenever I smile in the mirror it reminds me of you. I just see myself becoming you when I am older! And partially because we have the same smile! So that's cool!
Stevie: Whadddupppp boiiii! Bless her beautiful hide that's what I am about. I can't wait to be on a wife hunt.
Samiammmm: You heeled a girl in the face. That’s awesome. Is she ok???? Seriously that's scary though. Supersonic! Just watch out you are good looking, it is a gift and a curse!
Everyone else: Hey feel free to write me letters! I am so down to read them and then, maybe write you back. hahahha i really am sorry I am working on it! Write me! :)
Thank you everyone for all your support and love!
I think that is it!
Elder Hache :)

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