Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 24, 2014

Mother dearest, y los demás.  I'm great! I feel really well, I had lesson filled week, and all of the lessons were actually being taught to me. The Lord has been teaching me a whole bunch. Yeah, I think I'll try to send my memory to you that is a great idea, thank you! Um, yeah, no word on the packages yet but maybe they’re in the office, they haven't been giving us the ruta lately. I don't know why you are so preoccupied with the oatmeal eating. Yes, Mother I now believe that taste buds change and I will eat brussel sprouts whenever you want from now on!!! hahaha I love you mom! And yeah i am working like horse and eating like one too. Wait horses eat oats right? Horses here just eat crushed watermelon in the street its funny!!! Tell everyone thanks for everything and all their support. Well, I guess those same people are reading this, so,“thanks for your support!” 


 Well, just to tell the bad news first we did not have the 25 person baptism.... really, really, disappointing and frustrating. But, I have learned so much this past week. Just like, you can’t really force blessings onto yourself. I thought in reading D&C 82:10 that when it says that's the Lord is "bound" that He has todo what he said, that He has no other choice and that if I keep all the rules am obedient that I can bless myself, that my investigators will be baptized, that everyone we want to come to church and will come to church. But, I was sorely wrong and was taught with experiences that were tough to take in. 

So basically, out of the 25 souls that had avery set date for their baptism date, only seven of them were baptized. Let’s just say that Satan was very scared this week and I honest believe that he worked personally with each of our investigators. The things that were happening with them were unexplainable and left us a little bit unstable. It just didn't make sense. Weird, almost impossible, things were happening with everyone, literally everyone.  It was almost as if, we were the cleanup crew of an accident. We just couldn't do anything but just sweep away the stuff that was left behind. 

Well, yeah that’s a little depressing I know, but as a missionary I was even more depressed. I thought, "Woe is me and other biblical phrases that describe a little baby that is pouting and feeling bad for himself." Anyways, I was truly just thinking how could you do this to me, I have done all that I possible could, I have fasted, prayed and repeated the process, made sure everything was possible and they still slipped through the cracks. “What do you want from me? What more could I possibly do? Have I not given my 110 and then some?” Well, a big blessing from Heavenly Father is prayer… He allowed to me to think things through and take my frustrations out. I then felt an overwhelming sense of peace and choked up a bit, I said sorry to my comp. (after we found out all had fallen I had not said one word to him). It was pretty much a whole day without talking, reminded me of the old days when I just didn't talk a lot! But, I was just feeling sorry, I lost I don't know like 5 hours of my mission that day. I promised to never act like that again, through prayer I was taught a lot.  Another promise I made (other  than never losing my mind like that again) to Heavenly Father was that I would open my eyes a lot more to the blessings and gifts from Him, rather than set my mind on the power Satan really has on the natural man. 

The baptism ended up great, we had the bishop baptize our baptism and it was super great! The room was so full because the branch and the ward were baptizing. People were standing! Everyone in our district performed a baptism and so that was super cool! 

I have so many stories to tell everyone, hopefully one day I’ll get the chance. 

I’m just out here working on being a consecrated missionary. I’m doing my best and loving it. I love the process of becoming great! A Spanish proverb is this, God delays but, doesn't forget.” Well, we are all riding on that right now. The good thing is all of the people who fell have another date for baptism!! So that’s cool because that means they all will hopefully get baptized!!!

Anyways I’m tired and I’m going to look up some good material to share with the district. 

Love everyone!

Elder Hansgen

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