Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 20, 2014

Well, things definitely get flipped around a bit on the mission!!! I
am now companions with Elder Rosales! He is from El Salvador and he is
one of the coolest Latin’s in the mission. I feel honored to be his comp.

He has less time than me and he isn’t that popular but he has that kind
of low key coolness. I knew him when I was in my old zone and there we became really close. We were always screwing around together. It’s just great, I love laughing and smiling. I do it a lot.

So I said I wasn’t going to lie (we told him to be truthful about his health)

a few letters back so here it goes. This Monday I went to the Hospital. I am still having heart problems. My heart is just randomly having sharp pains and it keeps knocking me down to my knees. The last time it happened was today but the worst
one was when I was sitting in the street clenching my heart for twenty minutes. It’s got to the point where now it is just a constant dull pain after it happens.  The Doc says everything looks fine, I am healthy, strong and she threw in a little about my physique...She said everything was super duper from the outside looking in but she said it could be a problem because a kid my age shouldn’t be having heart problems. She said that we are going to do more tests to try and find
the problem inside because what I’m experiencing isn’t exactly normal.
Let me just tell you a conversation we had:

Doctor: “I think it is because of stress that would be my guess.”
Me: (laughing) “Have you ever had to worry about the salvation of souls
a day in your life?”
Doctor: “No, I haven´t.”
Me: “Hermano, we have something called the restored gospel here on the
earth and I would love this chance I have to give you a pamphlet. My
number, and an invitation to be baptized.”
Doctor: “Thank you.” (Takes pamphlet)

Who the heck knows? Maybe I just saved this man’s life, maybe he threw
it away, maybe he´ll be baptized, maybe not.  Who knows maybe I’ll die maybe I won’t. I know one thing I’m not coming home. I’m not coming back to garbage friends, garbage habits and time wasters. I have the hope that’s necessary to enter the kingdom. I have my dreams to fulfill. I guess I’m realizing how short that life really is. I don’t want anyone to worry. But you should also know what trials I have passed through to know how far I have come.

I go back this Friday to see what the heck is up so stay tuned…

It was funny I was talking to my new comp on the bus ride home. By
the way we were soaking wet from running in the rain down the streets trying to catch a bus back to the area. He told me “Hey, we have to go into San
Pedro Friday....I too am sick. I said, “What happened man you don’t look sick?”
He says, “I wake up with panic attacks because of stress.”

This is a stressful work. I do it because I love it. I do it because I
can’t stand the thought (it actually torments me to think) that others
won’t be able to partake of the fruit, the eternal life, the happiness, 
joy, peace and blessings of the gospel. I wasted a lot of time before I came here and I have a lot more to give back. Time sucks because it keeps going and never stops I have like 10 months left which literally makes my heart hurt worse. I can’t imagine leaving some of these stubborn people. I love them so so much.


To some of my stubborn friends get it together! I’m here for you but I want you to 
know I am changed and improved, I am a true, following, disciple of Christ coming back. I was called to serve in the Honduras for a reason, to bring these people to Christ. This takes time and it’s hard but everyone can do it.
I wish I could have figured it out sooner. But, you live and you learn
a crap ton. Take the TIME to figure it out so it doesn’t go by wasted.

Onto another topic…

It was cool to talk to one of the richest guys here in Morazan. He
said at 15 years old he started dreaming of things, he said he didn’t let one day
go by without thinking about his dream, his future and his success. He said
his dreams were unfortunately accompanied with work. He still works about
10 hours a day and he has too much money to deal with. I’m not telling
you anyone that money makes you happy! Listen to where I met him. He was
out late with us from 6 to 9 o’clock at night helping a family move
houses from one end of the city to another. It was pouring rain. I
have a cold now but, it was awesome to see how it all works out if
we give back!

Anyways it’s random letter. You should be used to it.

Ha-ha, Mom you think by now you would have just sent me a picture of the deck, you keep talking about it and I’m having a hard time figuring out where the pool is going to be… Ha-ha
Elder Hansgen

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