Monday, March 23, 2015

From the Mom of Elder E;
Last week was our Stake conference and we had the privilege of hearing from Elder Stephen B. Allen of the Seventy.  I was so excited about what he shared in all three meetings that I took a bunch of notes and shared several in my weekly email to Elder Hansgen. I stayed up a little too late Sunday night making sure it was perfect and I always say a prayer in my heart when writing so that my words will be encouraging, interpreted the way they were intended to be and that he can feel my love when he reads them.
Ely has recently been writing less and less so there really has not been much to post on his blog.  As his Mom I believe that he has been on a roller coaster of emotions as he nears the end of his mission. I wanted to write something this time that would convey how proud I am of the work he is doing and the man he is striving to be.
It has been said that women use far more words a day than men.  I can testify of this truth.

Mom writes this...
I smile and think of our Elder E!  What a man among boys! I think of how your shoulders will come home even bigger and broader than when you left due to the burdens you are bearing.  How your heart will be just a little bigger than when you left because, you let so many people in.  How your mind will be even more keen with pure thoughts and gospel knowledge.  I bet we will find that when we look at your bright white legs and boney little knees that we will find rough spots, or calluses from kneeling in prayer.  You will return with honor, your eyes will see opportunities for service that were not seen before.  You will "judge not, lest ye be judged" because like you said, "the atonement is for everyone." Your feet and hands toughened by the land and the work that you have put forth in bringing the world His truth.  I am proud of you everyday and humbled by your sacrifice and service.  I know that neither of us are perfect but I love that we know we should be shooting for it.  Have a great week and please write us a letter, you will be so happy to have them to look back on, trust me!
I love you like only a mother could!
Mama Hench

Elder Hansgen replies...
thanks mom!!! you're awesome!!!! this week we found a bunch of cool people and we just "wreck" on finding and teaching and sharing messages that were only like twenty minutes!!! i'm getting back to my happiness!!! slowly but surely!!! so thats a positive note!!!!! 
thats awesome about stake conference!!! :)
i'm happy that you are so happy and positive! it makes my life better thank you for that!!!!
i love you mom tell everyone hi and that i love them!!!
Thank goodness for exclamation points, this letter would be so short without them, lol!

Just a thought from the Mom:
If Ely's mission were a baseball game we are at the top of the 9th inning, and we are the Home team. Beating the opposition in 5 innings by 10 runs would have been too easy and not rewarding enough. We have been in the warmth of the sun and hit a line drive in the gap for a double, thrown people out at the plate, struck out looking, snagged a couple of bases when we could, rallied the team when we were down, did some teasing in the dugout, questioned a curveball, came in hard at home to tie it up. When this game is over there will be high fives all around and a hotdog in the stands.  It will be a big "W"

Re: Happy March!

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