Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15....

Family, friends, and everyone in between!!!! What an amazing experience I am able to have! I get to wake up every morning at six o' clock, pray, eat, study, be taught, eat, teach, eat, study, return back to the residence hall, study, and pray, then at ten-thirty I go to bed. Then repeat. If I were to tell anyone else this daily routine they would think I had gone crazy! But, this huge part of feeling the spirit and having FAITH in what you are doing makes every second enjoyable.
I am now a District Leader, which basically means I am the Mom of the District. Not a whole lot changes! I just have to go to a crap load of leadership training on Sunday! Then we have a Zone Council, where I report on the following: Health of the District, how are we becoming more converted to Christ, what we are doing to strengthen ourselves in all aspects, and how we are trying to speak our language.
I would love to share my responses to the following:
Ely, How is your district? Ummm well I would love to inform everyone in the Zone that my District has no problems with health....soooo yeah we are so excited about that.....annnndddd uhhhh yeah we are "healthy as a horse."
Ely, How are you and you district becoming more converted to Christ? Our District has come closer to Christ by really buckling down and literally draining every second of the day for study time and to feel the spirit. We are like Vampires and blood is like the spirit...we need it! Seriously though, all of our relationships with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and this Gospel have become so, so strong, it is ridiculous.
Ely, What are you and your District doing to strengthen yourselves in all aspects? Well, to be honest we are just constantly drinking creatatine for the soul (reading Scriptures), developing spiritual muscle (strengthening  or faith through prayer), and hitting that "Gym Rat" status (being in class all day, e'eryday).
Ely, What are you and your District doing to really try and "Speak Your Language?" Well we have designed a contract that we have all signed, that from the hours of 6:30-9:00 we can only speak Spanish. Every time you say an English word you have to do ten push ups or tie your tie.
Ohhhh My gosh, I seriously wasn't even trying to be funny but everyone was dying. But about the (HSI) aka SYL aka speak your language. I am so sore from doing so many push ups. By the time i leave this place i will be a hermana though.....ahahha yo chiste yo chiste yo chiste. (I joke in Spanish) I think it is fine to say that English is probably my favorite language. 
Lots of Spirit has to be offset by a lot of fun, if not you get mentally, physically, and spiritually drained! These are the ideas that ...yes...I came up with!
We took probably twenty bananas and put them on the sidewalk like a chain of bananas in Mario Cart then, took a Cardboard box and put it at then end of it and we put a question mark on it for a mystery box! It was a well thought out plan and was executed perfect! Everyone was laughing and taking pictures by it. Exito! (Spanish for Success) :)
Elder Mclellend and I wrote on a banana, "If you find the banana throw it away and hide another one." Then we put a scripture on it that references to fruit! its awesome I have pictures of it!
I don't miss the old world that much! I love this new thing I am giving a try! :) Honduras is going to be absolutely spectacular! I have this joke going on with the elders in my district I tell them that I am going to "City of Enoch" the people of Honduras! I say, my goal is if not to translate the whole city, I hope to get at least one person translated!!! Not cockiness just being bold!
I am great! I am healthy, and smiling always! If you are missing me, which I know no one is, Don't! We'll see each other in like close to two years but less.
" Yo se que el evangelio, de jesucrito es verdadero. yo se que jose smith fue un verdadero profeta. yo se que dios es armoroso, yo se mediante la expiacion nosotros arrpentimiento y dios recodar no mas. yo amo mi familia."
 Stay strong and endure to the end. Don't even look at the great and spacious building. Up a head is far greater than anything Satan can bring us. Everything he promises is temporal and lasts only a little bit. Gods promises are eternal.
 Remember that everyone in the world had that faith at one point  and it is only a matter of having them remember that Faith! Research Christ-Like attributes and apply them. This will bring blessings and happiness to your life. I PROMISE!
Love Everyone!
Elder Hache
(Too hard to pronounce my name so it is now Elder H)

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