Monday, July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

Familyyy!!!! Hola! Gosh this is such a blast and I am having a great time! First things first, Samson, I hate you! You made me get teary eyed with your letter and Mentor Pin. Thanks so much for it! It means a ton to me. OK well a lot has happened since I last talked to you. I still am in a class for fifteen hours a day. My butt has no roundness to it anymore, it's straight flat. So fun and the best part about it is that they designed the chairs to hurt you physically and mentally. Physically designed to hurt your butt and back. Mentally, to ruin your day knowing that you are about to sit down and load your brain with as much information as it can possibly withstand without melting. But, on a positive note… Spiritually, I have grown so much and my testimony is growing each day!
I finally realized how I recognize the spirit! Such a cool thing to know about yourself. A huge part of me is being happy and when I have the Spirit with me, it is like my normal happiness on steroids. Yeah so both sets of cheeks are tired and sore! :) When I feel the spirit I feel joy, peace and happiness. I smile bigger than I usually do. I feel like my heart is just expanding! So yeah awesome way to know I am feeling the spirit. Lately, everything I hear that is spiritual my throat and eyes decide "oh this will be fun",I hate it guys but when I get choked up and tear up it is always for a good reason. I haven't cried yet about missing anyone, sorry to break your hearts.
Everyone in the district says that I am the best example and I am so nice and happy all the time and they don't know how I do it. They say I am a huge example of obedience and bringing the spirit. Every night I walk into the other rooms and say I love serving with you all and know that all of you will be extraordinary missionaries! Then I say the same thing to my room. I make sure I go around and shake everyone’s hand and look them in the eyes when i say it. I love all of them!
So anyways on a brighter note, I got to spend my favorite holiday in the MTC. Such a blast, oh and by the way thanks for the candy, I got it a day late but thanks! youuudddaa best mommmaa! Fireworks were good, I mean as good as watching them with millions of missionaries, standing up bumping into each other, singing hymns, and laughing could get.
The MTC, I have decided is exactly like the Hogwarts, The spiritual feast is the same as them physically eating. The food, or the spirit, is always coming and it is all you can eat. The rules are like Professor Umbridges but a lot more. We get more and more rules every day. They're a blessing so I am happy for them! WE have magical wands basically just communicating and teaching with the spirit is pretty magical. There are no nearly headless nicks. Voldamort isn't a person here, because he lost the battle in the Seventh movie.
My district says I keep the fun going and when they don't think it is possible for me to say another funny thing I do. I have all of them dying laughing. I really am not that funny though! I just say funny things like when I talk about when we weren't missionaries I call it the old world. and I say the funniest things in Spanish, I found out how to say I get buckets. In Spanish it translates to I obtain buckets. it is said, Obtengo Baldes. :) Instead of saying hahaha people that speak Spanish say jajaja so I always say jajaaja. I ask the dumbest questions to the teacher about our investigators. the first question I always ask is, "Is the investigator Bilingual, and does he/she speak English?" They get a kick out of that. I pretend to be an usher and at big devotionals  I carry a rolled up paperback Book of Mormon in my hand and act like a plane traffic signaler. I say to people that if they choose the right that there are two seats down this row. and if they are looking for celestial glory there are four seats right here. I then  act like someone’s getting mad at me and act like my phone (a banana) is me calling security. Hahaha, I get a little crowd going for a sec. but, I can't be too irreverent or else the spirit leaves, that’s a bad sign.
Another huge thing I have learned in here is I have taken on the name of Jesucristo and I have the authority to act in his name. This is unbelievable it you really think about it. We are doing His work. It isn't our mission it is His mission. Its ridiculous to think about, it is so overwhelming.
Oh my gosh. Laundry. is the best. The smell is just sooooooooo great and like that’s not giving the smell justice. Its breathtaking. I love doing laundry. It is so awesome that Mckay Pier is in my Zone...I mean Sister Pier.....I mean Hermana Pier. See what I have to go through!
So our investigator turned out to be atheist and so he was impossible to convert with broken Spanglish. The MTC does such a great thing and has your first investigator be your teacher...shhhh that's a secret. Then they give you feedback. My last lesson with "Carlos" (who is really Hermano Notelenmyere) was frustrating me so, so bad. I could not communicate anything in Spanish. I was so mad after the lesson. Everyone in my district knew it too. Big hint was, I wasn't smiling. I made a promise to myself that I would learn the language well enough to be able to say anything I want and if someone wasn't going to except the gospel, it was going to be because I talked too much.
Anyways I got over that quick. That was by far the worst day. But, I bounced back and was happy the next morning! :) I have a thing that I like to say to my district. I say that I am going to win my mission and that they are going to have to make a how many translations to heaven did you have this week. Obviously I am joking but, when I started thinking about it I thought," I am not being cocky by saying this. I really am going to try and win my mission in every aspect. I am going to win the language, I am going to win every personal study I have. I am going to win by being exactly obedient, I am going to win my mission every day." We had a devotional and this guy that wasn’t even the main speaker said something that was the most important to me in the whole devotional. He told us to be bold. Don't we dare walk into somebody’s house timid or scared, be bold You tell them your testimony you don't give it. You sit down and tell them that you have a message for them and they need to listen, be bold and say I want to baptize you. Be bold and tell them to sit down, turn away from the distractions and listen. He then said be so bold and such a good missionary that when you come home you want to turn around at the airport and look and your missionary president and see him crying. Because he knows that he just lost one of his best missionaries.
Super motivational.
Stevie! Love you and i think it is downstairs
Samson: Love you thanks
Mom: Love you love you love you love you
Dad: I haven't found it!!!!! Help me!
Everyone thanks for everything and thanks for the packages treats and money! It really helps more than you know!! I love my support group! keep the Dear elders coming. sorry I can't write you all! But I am doing it for a good reason. I spending the time that other missionaries right letters to study!

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