Monday, August 12, 2013

Week #1 Honduras....

I have been reading all the emails I have gotten. It took me probably twenty minutes and now I have been thinking of what to say for probably five.... All I can think of is I am in HONDURAS. 
Wow. Ok so I got off the plane, drove to la lime where the AP´s and secretaries live and stayed the night there. Woke up, went to the church where all the new Latin companions were. They left that same day from the CCM en Guatemala! We had this whole big introduction thing all in Spanish....needless to say I understood bienvenidos....(welcome) ahahha chiste I understood a lot actually! Then we went and “super contacted” where everyone that is new gets bussed to a park in Honduras and you have to try and place a Book of Mormon! It was awesome, that's where I placed my first El libro de Mormon! So, so, sick! I seriously am so confused when the natives talk because they speak however they want and just drop off letters and speak slang. I just nod my head and say si or esta bien. Hahaha! After that all thirty five new Elder missionaries slept in the same house it was ridiculous! Luckily I had a bed! We woke up, got ready for the day and then went to another church for the cambio (the transfer meeting). I am serving in the Trujillo mission and my zone is Colon! I will be serving with myy pappppiii Ampie he is from Nicaragua! He is a convert to the church and he is the only member in his family! He has such a strong testimony and he knows how to say “I am fed up” he thinks that it is hilarious. He also says it at the dumbest times! He is super funny and is super pilas (hard worker)! 
From the church of the cambio it takes 6 hours to get to Trujillo! So we didn´t have enough time to make it there in one day so I had to stay the night with another companionship! The next day we had to drive back two hours for a zone meeting and there I finally met Ampie! Afterwards we drove four hours to Trujillo! I was so worn out, but we got to the house and then went out and started teaching! We have I think it is around the lines of 25 investigators and 8 with a baptismal date! September is going to be great! Oh yeah in all of Trujillo which is probably like twenty miles there is only one church!! It’s weird not to see a lot of churches.
Ok, so I live in a house that's like in the mountains and has a great view of the ocean! My room has a deck so everyday I get to walk out and see these beautiful green mountains and a huge bay! It is awesome!!! I love it here! The heat sucks so badly but, I deal with it! I drip sweat of my head all day and during lessons I can just feel sweat rolling down my stomach! 
The people here hahahaha well not to be rude but they are kinda lazy, like no one works and they just buy coke and walk around all day! It is never a problem finding people at home because they love to sit in their hammock and listen to pitbull, rihanna, and adele!!! Hahaha I asked a guy if he understood what they were saying in the song and he said “nope.” But they blast it! The people who have cars don´t care if they hit things or people. They drive as fast as they want; when they want so you have to keep your eyes peeled. They do honk to let you know they are there. Also, people here do not believe in trash cans, when they are done with something they just throw it anywhere they want it’s so annoying! People say it’s not as dangerous as they say but, it is, don´t worry mom the gangs protect us missionaries. We actually have 6 investigators that are in the “crip” gang here, and the first day here in Trujillo someone was shot over drugs. 
They love Coke, like worship it. If you say you just would like water they say “¿por que?” Hahaha, umm because I want teeth? No one has teeth here. They were saying that dentists here charge 20 limps.....1 dollar in American to pull a tooth hahaha it’s just a joke!
My mission presidents are the cool and they say there are no harder workers then the missionaries that serve the Honduras!
Oh another thing the soccer courts here are just futsal courts, it’s awesome! We play early in the morning at this one like right on the beach it’s just stupid how awesome it is!!!! I call myself Messi here I tell the little kids ¡Mess es aqui! They love it and laugh way hard!
Anyways I am super great and super awesome and can´t believe how much I love this whole mission thing! It is already going way, way fast and I almost want it to slow down! I have never slept better in my life because I am so tired! My comp and I work really, hard and allow no time for ourselves we are constantly contacting and teaching and following the spirit! I am at a loss of words how crazy, insane, unorganized, beautiful, and different this country is! The culture is incredible and I am able to relate to the people really well just because I have a true love for them and want to help them so much!!
I am getting so dark.                                                                                                                                     Oh, this is random and you probably won’t believe it but I probably see 100 different dogs every day. It’s so sickening. 
Ahhhhhhhh I don´t know what else to say!!!! Um, I love everyone and want everyone that reads this to know that I am part of the fellowship of the unashamed...if you don´t know what that is, look it up. I know without a doubt that this church is true. I know that to return to live with Him we have to truly repent and follow every aspect of Jesus Christ’s example. I know that Joseph Smith is a hinge of what we believe in and I know that his story is the truth. He restored the one true gospel on the earth today! I know we owe Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ everything for what they have done for us. Just not being born during the Apostasy is enough to thank them every day for everything. Be thankful for the life you live and the things you do have because, I will tell you that the people here deserve more than half the people in the US deserve.
Mom, I am so great!  Working hard!!!  Everyone sounds excellent!!! Your emails are the bomb! Roatan is not in my Zone, but maybe in the future.  I don't want to go there though because people speak English there! booooooooo English booooo
Sam! You would love it here and I know you are going to go to a soccer loving country! They love it here everyone likes Ronaldo or Messi. They hate the US because we beat them!
Stevie short hair doesn’t care swagggg What the heck happened to your finger???
Dad I am writing you right now. “ Whats up and write me a separate email and I will answer all your questions!!!!”
I love all of you and I want all of you to come close to Christ somehow this week. Oh way random but the food here is awesome I love it hahahha I am going to get fat and sick and more fat here!!! Yay for 250 lbs Ely!!!! Well I gots to go love you!!!!!

Elder Hansgen

Elder E and Elder Ampie

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  1. Oh my gosh! He sounds so incredibly excited and happy! He cracks me up! You are all in for an adventure, for sure!