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August 19, 2013

Ok, yes mom I do have a cook and a laundry person, it is 150 limps for the laundry and 35 limps per day for the lunch lady. Her name is Hermana Reyes she cooks our lunch that's who was in the picture! I don´t know the name of the other lady!
I usually just study through breakfast, and then lunch is different each day. I’ll try and take pictures. For dinner we eat at members houses...Baleadas? (Similar to a taco, they are filled with meats, beans and veggies, eggs etc.) Every’s getting gross.
I have a sheet and I use a sheet for a blanket at night!! I am always so tired from working hard that I just crash so hard and yeah I have a pillow!
Okkkkkay, people of Utah/Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (by the way thank you for reading my emails, such an honor) ¡Hoooooooolllllaaaaa! Honduras gets better and better every second. Where to start, where to start! Oh yeah! Probably start with telling you about how one of the days I don't know when but we had to wake up at 2 in the morning and we had to go to Cieba!!!! Side note I didn't even sleep because I was on the toilet alllllllll night? Too graphic okkk welll you can stop reading because that's just the beginning.... I seriously fell asleep in the bathroom because it wasn´t worth it to go back to bed and get back up....terrible right? Here is another thing hahaha I am laughing right now because I know everyone doesn´t want to hear this; I was 160lbs going into the MTC, 165lbs while I was there....I am 150lbs now!!! The bathroom and I are getting real acquainted the best part is when you are in a members house and you have to use a bucket to flush!!! But, anyways back to the awesome spiritual experience I had! We are in Cieba right?! And guess who shoes up to our Zone meeting?? President Ochoa, he is in the Quorum of the Seventy and is in charge of the Central America Missions!!!!! It was awesome, he spoke in all Spanish and I understood some of it!!! Anyways what I thought I heard/what the spirit taught me was attitude. Attitude is like a cloud we can either walk out from under the cloud or we can stay with it and follow it. He also talked a lot about the length of lessons and that 30 minutes is the max of how long they should be.  He told us we need to share our covenants with others once we make them. Like baptism, we should share with people how and why they should make this covenant as you did. Receiving the priesthood...(sorry girls) but we need to share the benefits of the priesthood... we can´t put our hands on our own heads and bless ourselves it is for others to reap the benefits. “ MEN LIVE WORTHY TO BE CALLED ON TO SHARE THE BLESSINGS OF THE PRIESTHOOD, GIRLS....DON´T TEMPT GUYS, BE A GOOD SUPPORT OF A RIGHT WAY TO LIVE, LEAD BY EXAMPLE, GUYS ARE STUPID AND DO WHAT YOU TELL THEM.”  Wow that was blunt, well no not blunt just BOLD...sorry not sorry! He also talked about temple marriage and telling and teaching people how they can have this eternal happiness!
That was awesome! 
This week on Sunday, we have had the most people in church we have ever had, we had 157 people show up to a BRANCH we have been working hard to reactivate people. This is our zone formula! A+E=B Ativate+EnseƱar= Bauptizar   Super cool I am putting my faith in it!!! Anyways we are already seeing the effect it has had. 
I forgot to tell everyone the reason I was sick for four days was because this member we were trying to reactivate... he is a real stickler on not coming...but he will...promise... especially after this! He and I went mango hunting.I probably ate 15 mangoes in 10 minutes....Needless to say, but I will, my poop was Orange! It was kind of awesome!!! hahahaha sorry not sorry!

So here are some things I have come up with 
*You might be in Honduras if it is normal to see at least 5 Mom´s the censorship....ughhh I get this queasy feeling in my stomach just thinking about it!!! Best one I have seen (which obviously means worse) a Mom was being pegged on a HUFFY bike (yes they have those here) and I did say PEGGED! Holy cow the best example of multitasking I have seen was breastfeeding while being PEGGED on a HUFFY bike!!!! 
*You might be in Honduras if the only question you can ask yourself is why!!!
*You might be in Honduras if on Sunday morning at 7 am you are drinking with your buddies on the curb.
* You might be in Honduras if you wake up with 5 or 6 new bug bites on you.
* You might be in Honduras if you hear American songs being blasted in a house and you can faintly here them being slaughtered by a Latin(o/a)
Hahahaha I seriously love it here, it was Pday today and we went on a freaking Canopy Tour with Zip lines it was basically like a ropes course it was sooo freaking awesome!!! 
The work here is progressing and there are so many people here that need the gospel of Jesus Christ! The Spanish comes slowly but surely and I am being able to comprehend more and more! People love to harass me and girls kiss att meeee’s so scary I just like blush and don't know what to say!!!!! 

Hey everyone I would like to give a shout out to MOM don´t take this off. My mom, oh gosh where to start. She has been there through the hardest times of my life to the happiest times of my life. I don´t remember if it was last birthday or two birthdays ago but I absolutely ruined it for you...gosh I used to be an awful person and Mom at this time I would like to apologize for that. On August 17 the world was blessed with a Spirit that had been kept for this exact time and moment in this world. Her Spirit is the purest I have ever felt and seen. She was given to this world and I know when I was in heaven I was scouting out all the options and said, "Heavenly Father, I want that one" He probably said something to me like this is one of my chosen daughters and she is to be respected on the highest level. She deserves it for her works and the faith she holds onto. I said ok! Yeah, I have forgotten that at times but, never again, being away has made me realize a lot and realize the people that have affected my life for the better. She not only has affected my life, she has helped mold it. Thank you mom for all that you do!  BuTTTT I couldn´t find any way cool stuff here in Trujillo so I am holding out on your present! Sorry! But, know that I love you and I honestly thank H.F. for you, one of the biggest blessings in my life every day! Love you, love you, and love you! Holy cow you had Dad coming up on 25 years????? That is such a testament to me that families our forever! Gosh every time I think of the Fam I just feel the strongest spirit and I know this family has it going on! That is including our extended family and extended, extended family! All of us are just a tight knit group and I am happy for every one of you!! Thank you for the support!!!!! Ok well off to the work I go! Wish Me Luck!!!

Elder Hansgen
Straight trying to giv´em Heaven
Working for the Dream Team AkA Building Zion
ok for real BYEEEE

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