Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Week number who knows? I am having the time of my life!!!
So crazy week! We had transfers; so Monday is a half p-day then Wednesday was transfers, my comp got transferred! If you knew what was going on with that you know how I feel. :) So Tuesday night my comp and I needed to leave at one in the morning because he can´t travel alone. Well he can but we aren´t allowed anyway so I was super tired. I traveled with him to Tocoa where other missionaries are that have changes as well. So I got off and spent the day in Tocoa! Super hot in Tocoa and there is not much going on there just a lot of stores selling the exact same thing...corn that's like just barbecued? Super weird but I like it because I'm the kind of person that likes the semi popped popcorn kernels at the bottom of the bowl. What about it, come at me! Anyways! Yeah then I got my New Comp!!!!! Elder Lewis he is from Elko, Nevada! He has 19 months in the mission! Super cool and I am ready to get some pneumonia from being in that font!  We had a Zone meeting in Olanchito so on Thursday....we still weren´t home....!  But then we got home so the work started to progress!
We had a baptism Saturday! Cosme Damian Almendarez Perez! This investigator… Boy does this great child of Heavenly Father have a testimony!!! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves but I am guessing this dude goes Quorum of The Seventy! Anyways it was in a river! People are getting super jealous that my first and second baptisms have been in the sea and a river! Sorry ‘bout it!
Did I give a talk in Sunday as well? Yes and to all of you out there that thought Elder Hansgen couldn´t WIN a mission?? Well you were wrong! Yeah I chastened the members here after we went from having 157 assisting to the next week we only had 80? You can bet your birthright that I told them a thing or two about a thing or two! Everyone told me it was really good and I know ¨Bastante Español¨ I don't believe it because all I usually do is crack sarcastic jokes! They aren´t even funny because they don't have sarcasm here!

Honduras gets a little prettier to me every day! Even though I think that I can´t wake up more tired everyday I do. But you do it. You roll out of bed and start with a prayer. I walk into another room flip open the Book of Mormons to where I’m studying and start with another prayer. Here I become prepared for the day, here is my strength and where my faith and knowledge take deeper root in my heart and in my mind. I study for an hour, do some exercise and hit the shower. We hit comp study hard and get the spiritual kinks straightened out and pray. And then we leave to build up Zion!!!! Gosh how could you start your day any better? It is excellent!!
I'm out here given it my all and trying to show people this happiness! Me, the Holy Ghost, my bestest Big Brother and my Father in Heaven are a team that cannot be reckoned with.
Love everyone that reads this and please know that I pray for you every night! I hope all is well and that everyone is progressing for the good!
P.S. I'm down to give my testimony to the ceiling because the Mom is breastfeeding her four year old. #dryheaving #honduran #thenorm

Elder Hansgen
Baptizing ceilings!

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