Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

I am so down for a Snow Angel right now. It is hottttttt and itttttt is raining aaaaaaaaaaaa lot!
And I am happy. :)
Guess what? My family is the best and they sent a bunch of America to Honduras, it was such an awesome thing to get. The people here have been celebrating “The day of the Honduran child” and “Independence Day” so it has been crazy with parades and with parties and whatever else they do I just know it has been loud for a week straight!!! They go “HAM.” It was making me miss America a lot because I mean tell me there is a better holiday than the Fourth of July and I will just tell you that you are confused and do the Christ like thing and chasten you for thinking that. But anyways, the package arrived at a perfect time and helped me out a lot. (Mom you just read into that whole thing and interpreted that I was home sick, nope just like the fourth of July!!!!!)
Let’s talk about this thing missionaries call baptism; I baptized someone this Saturday, September 14, 2013 my first Baptism!!!!! Wow, this couldn´t have been better because guess where I baptized him. Oh yeah, the kids name is Mario Francisco Rodriguez Zeylyas! But, back to where I baptized him!!!!!!! The OCEANNNN! What?  Like it was so not even real I honestly thought I was dreaming! The wind was at a nice little breeze, his family was there, a couple members a person from the bishopric and the other missionaries. And no one else! It was sososo beautiful! The water was so warm! Or maybe it was pee because I was so nervous! These people here have a million names and I had to baptize him in Spanish. But like everything in the world, with Heavenly Father nothing is impossible! It was just jaw dropping. You had to be there or I have to describe it to you for 30 minutes to get a glimpse of how gorgeous this thing was, this place is, or this work is!!!!!
Anyway back to normal Trujillo life!!!! Ask me how many bucket showers I had this week? I will answer that question with two questions. How many days are in a week and how old would a kid that is seven say he is? We have no water it is so awesome. Don´t you just love brushing your teeth without getting the bristles wet first? And if the answer to that last question is yes, figure it out.  All is well though, I am actually getting pretty good at the whole one-scoop-of-water-for-you-hair-to-get-wet,-apply-shampoo,-one-scoop-to-get-your-body,-scrub-fervently-everywhere-with-soap- 5-scoops-to-rinse-completely-and-you-are-done...oh-and-one-scoop-to-shave-with-process. :) Love it!
But anyway, I don’t have a lot of time to write today so I hope all is well with everyone and everything in your lives. Remember the Lord.
Giving them two spoonfuls of the gospel
and a figurative karate kick of love to the heart
Elder Hansgen
 I have an American keyboard so I am taking advantage of the smiley faces!

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  1. Wow! That last one is a beautiful picture! Ely's e-mails are seriously the funniest missionary e-mails I have ever read! He sounds so happy! Which must make his family very happy! Thanks for sharing!!