Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Well obviously I will start by saying if that conference didn´t knock your socks off you were not listening to the same on I was!!!! Wow, I just have to say, these men are inspired and know what every single individual soul needs to hear, exclamation point. 
Stress is going to be the death of me! I don´t know if I told everyone but, one of our elders got emergency transferred because there was a problem in Roatan or something, but anyways we are now in a tripanionship. We have two very large areas for Trujillo and now the three of us are in charge of the two areas. It sure is a lot more walking and a lot more work! But, I definitely am able to reach out and share my testimony with a lot more people!!!
I am doing great and I am stoked to get up every day!!! The light of Christ is a real thing, I see it in me and I see it the people I am teaching. People that are gripping on to it just waiting until they can receive its fullness! I can´t tell you how many times I just smile ear to ear knowing that people are striving to get it. They are starting to find their way. Starting to feel the love, starting to creep closer and closer to eternal joy!!! 

 I am not proud to say it but, yes I do get choked up every time I bear my testimony, I am getting choked up just writing this to you. I don´t feel as if you need my story of the mission, my daily log of bathroom experiences, or other things. Yeah I love to tell everything that's going on. But, let’s not forget what I am out here to do and what I am actually doing. I am on the Lords errand, I’m a fisher of men and I don't, well we don´t have time to “dilly dally” in our repentance. If you are reading this email, and haven´t felt something that has told you this is true you aren’t taking the steps necessary to know for yourself. I can´t force a testimony of this church onto you. I am devastated when we have to drop investigators because they won’t accept it, they won’t listen and won´t open their hearts. I am just as hurt when I know people reading this message aren´t doing what I am asking. Are you experimenting with prayer and asking of our Heavenly Father? If you don´t believe there is a Father who is in Heaven, look around you, look at yourself. There is no doubt that this body of ours and this earth was created by Him. If you believe there is a Father in Heaven, you believe in Him sending His Son to complete the atonement, if you believe that then you know the keys ended with Peter and the plates were buried by Moroni. Belief in this all leads to the need of a Restoration of the church that Christ once established on the earth. Joseph Smith then, was this prophet!  Then the Book of Mormon is not just a silly book we as missionaries and members of the church pass out and testify of. This book does change lives and are the very words of God. If you believe all this then you have faith. If you are doing what you are believing then you are reading studying and doing the things necessary in this life to achieve eternal happiness. If you only believe in the Bible take the same leap of faith that Joseph Smith took. It works for everyone. The words of God don´t exclude people that have done bad, gone off course, or simply haven´t ever heard. He knows and loves you and us so much and he is asking for us to ask him so he can show us. 
Yeah I haven´t received a vision, an angel sent from heaven, I haven´t touched the gold plates, heard a voice from heaven. I´ve only had a strong testimony for a short time. But, now I do know. I have come to accept the fact that we all know it’s true we all chose to come to this earth, and we all have the opportunity to return.
Think about it, get down on your knees and ask. I only know this will work because I have done it. And I will add my testimony to all the greats before me. It’s true, plain and simple it’s true. If you have lost a loved one they are hoping you find out for yourself it is true because they now know it is. 
I love all of you more than you know!!! 
I am a Hansgen and we cry because we don't know how else to express ourselves. Its either that or screaming and getting in a fight at Stacy’s house! I can´t wait for all of us to live together in the Celestial Kingdom!!!
Elder Hansgen

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