Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 14, 2014

Ok everyone sorry, I really have no time to write because I got emergency changed.  We were in a trio and then a person in Satellite "died" which means he ended his mission!!! So I got a call last night *Sunday at 10:45pm and told that I had to be packed and on a bus at 5:30am....awesome. It’s weird how sad I was to leave an area. I think it made it worse that I had set baptism dates and there were members that I wanted to say bye to but couldn't!!! Anyways, I am now in Las Lomas-- I think that's how you say it; I literally switched ends of the mission I am now on the completely opposite side of the mission!!! I think it ended up being an eight hour bus ride and I mean what more fun could you have on P-day? So I got off on the right bus stop and well, the missionaries that promised to be there were not there.....whooops Ely is lost in, from what I hear, the most dangerous zone to be in. Viva Gringos!!!!So, I then just decided to take a taxi to where the church was. Well I got there and sat there for forty five minutes realizing there was a good possibility of my dying today. I knocked on some doors and finally found a member. She then calls the missionaries and here I am!!! Ha-ha it was just kinda awful it’s like the feeling you had when you were a little kid, lost at the store....but everyone doesn't speak your same language and the probability of them having a gun is 8 out of 10. Well, I am alive and I walk into my apartment and meet my new comp, first thing he says to me, "Hi I'm Elder Tingey your new comp, and they cut the wires to our apartment today!" Hahaha Oh how awesome!!!! This is my crazy life, but Heavenly Father knows…

I had an awesome interview and dinner with the President of the Mission! Let me just tell you something, you will be told by every return missionary that their mission president and wife were the best mission president and wife out there...well that's weird because mine are the best!!!

Anyways the blue church book is true; I am stoked to be here and can't wait to meet all the amazing people! I miss the people of Trujillo and they caused me a couple tears thinking of them today! It’s weird how in three months I developed this genuine love for a people that I didn't quite completely understand and that live a completely different way than me. But, the thing is I started seeing them as more than just a "member” or a "baptism" I was just genuinely loving them!

I know right…? Three months and already perfecting a great trait. Get ready Wifffffeeeeeyyy!!!!

Love you and love your prayers thank you for them!!!!
Elder Hansgen

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