Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November 28, 2013

I would love to tell everyone how thankful I am for everything in this life literally everything.
I didn't win anything so this isn't a thank you speech and I am super cliché and its Thanksgiving so I am going to do what everyone else does and just magically becomes thankful one day a year but, it’s that one day, that reminds us!
I’m thankful. Everything in my whole body is thankful
I can’t imagine where I would be without this mission or this gospel, I’m thankful for this perfect gospel.
I don’t even know if I would have been born without my mom and dad so yeah they are pretty awesome I am thankful for them and all the things they have done for me and taught me! I’m glad I made a good choice in heaven and chose them!
I am super thankful for baby brother and my big sister! I literally have given them H E double hockey sticks forever and I’m thankful for that because our relationship right now couldn't be better. Thank you for teaming up on me and thanks for dealing with me. I’m thankful for my extended family, “holy cow wow,” they have been great blessings in my life, I am thankful for their love and how I could call them at any moment and they would help and support me, not going to call them on the mission though because, that’s against the rules. But thank you for that!
I’m thankful for this great gift of the atonement may we all use it. I’m thankful for the people that the Big Man upstairs has placed in my path; I could name about two thousand of the people that have taught me great lessons in this life! I am eternally indebted to these people.
Thank you leaders for everything you have helped me with, leaders of the church specifically. 
Thank you to some of my best friends you know who you are and you know why I am grateful for you.
Thank you people who have forgiven me of my wrongdoings a lot of these people are girls...sorry but I’m thankful for girls. Sorry if you are reading this and you are a girl, the best girl out there is my Mother! Thank you Mom
Thank you Dad for not giving me back to the police that dropped my off that one night when I was a baby!
Thank you to the coaches I have had and the examples they have been to me, we will forever be lifelong friends I know it!
I’m thankful for the future and the opportunity we have to live our lives, take advantage of it!
A lot of people are forced into a lot of things and forced into a way of life here, don’t let that be you!
I give thanks for the plan of salvation, the thing that gives me hope for better things to come! Let’s all remember.
Be thankful! And holy cow do it with a smile on your face!!!

With love and a little bit more….
Byeeeee, until Monday
Elder Hansgen

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