Friday, November 22, 2013

November 18, 2013

I learned this week; well I guess I have to say I am still learning, the concept of while you are in the service of the Lord and are being guided by the Spirit there are no accidents. Countless times this week appointments fell, but all for a good cause. We ended up finding someone that needed service or we found someone that said that they had been praying just last night for people to come into and help change the lives of their families.
Let me just tell you something you probably already know, a mission is a hard! It is a physically, mentally, and spiritually draining thing. Every day you hit the pillow thinking, wow, I am a “tired Tigger.” You pray that you will be able to sleep well so you can have a day just as hard. I don’t think I have ever asked for more trials and challenges then I have on my mission. I know that when I ask I will receive and I want to prove to my Heavenly Father that I can overcome anything He or Satan throws my way! I listened, read and studied a talk the other day se llama, "Come what may and love it," this talk just absolutely took me by the heart and flipped it over. We need to accept that we live in a fallen world that "this life isn't butterflies and rainbows” quote from Rocky Balboa. This is so true. This world, (earth for any aliens reading this), is a place meant for people to fall.  It’s a place where Satan has an opportunity to have control. But, the gospel of Jesus Christ and the atonement make it possible for us to succeed. It makes it possible for us to rise above, rise above it all, not just the temptations or sin, but all of it. I am talking afflictions, pains, faults, sadness, the glum, the daily grind of a repetitive job. Everyday life crap, bad hair days, putting your shirt on inside out and backward (Stevie), stubbing your toes, bloody noses, zits. He has felt it all and we put our faith in Him and this gospel before we came down to this place! We agreed to it before all of this happened. We accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior of the World! Wow, that was a lot of faith we had in one person. I testify that he completed the atonement to give us the opportunity to succeed! To overcome the world! 
Anyways, that’s my message for us all. It is to “come what may and love it,” if we do this we will have a change of heart and view challenges completely different!
Oh, I forgot to say this, I went on divisions with the ZL what a cool guy! His name is Elder Alverado, from Mexico! He knows how to teach and I learned a bunch from him! It was a super duper awesome experience! 
Anyways here are some pictures!!!
Love you guys and thanks for dealing with my preaching, I will be able to have a normal conversation one day with all of you....hahaha but, I think I have forgotten how to do that! So sorry!
Elder Hansgen

Elder E with twins he loves...

Ely with a parrot named Parrot

Ely made them take this funny picture....

Because he said "no one should ever look like this on your Baptism Day" :)

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