Monday, February 10, 2014

February 3, 2014

Here are some highlights from Ely’s letter this week.

My comp deleted all my photos on my camera on accident....whoops. I’m trying to find someone to retrieve them but, no luck so far.  That was a super bummer, but anyways what can you do.  I should probably change my settings to Spanish so it doesn't happen again. You live and learn!!!

Well, as for me, I’m teaching a family that cannot hear or talk.  It is a super cool thing! As the new district leader I am changing things up a bit… As a zone we usually have about 30 plus baptisms a month ok that’s with 30 people in a zone. My district this month has 33 baptisms planned that are ready and have accepted the date for baptism. My zone leaders are blown away! I honestly think if we get this goal we will be one of the top districts in the world! I mean that is a lot of baptisms!!!!

(the following comments are based on comments I made to him in my letter this week)

Stevie is awesome, you’re great!  One thing I want to do with my life is live more “TiggerStevieStyle!” Care free but with responsibility.

Samson, you are a stud, wearing my clothes or not you are! Act like it but be humble too, contradicting I know but confidence is a huge part of having success on your mission.  How are your grades? Classes, hard? Easy?

Bryan “Big Papi”, I love you and am glad for the man you showed me to be. Thank you for this life, and thank you for all the blessings I have received from a worthy priesthood holder living in my house.

Mom, your awesome I love your letters and I love your spirit in this family, thanks for being the super glue and everything else we have ever needed.   “Super mom” takes on a new meaning when I think of you. It’s like you took Mom steroids before we were born!!!! 

Gotta go, love you all, thanks for everything.
Elder Hansgen
I miss Autto so dang much!

This is his sister, we get a long really well. She has cancer and she is fine with it! I feel so bad for her and I love her so much, she has become one of my bestest friends in the whole world! She  always has a smile! Geez, girls that know how to smile, I guess they just win my heart!

 Lets just say, this guy is getting baptized soon!

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