Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 24, 2014

Well this week has been a huge roller coaster, we were up down and all around! It was crazy and I was just holding on for my whole life! We got the opportunity to baptize a few people three to be exact. What was extra special was that one of our investigators asked for President Klein to baptize him! So that’s super awesome! He showed up with his wife and they gave two miraculous talks. It helped our investigators soo much! But it was an awesome experience! Pictures to come…
Gosh I have been struggling so much my whole mission with this concept of true love, charity, patience and to accept the will of God. I have admitted I’m not perfect before, but, sometimes we have days that we realize how far from perfect we really are. How much of a “work in progress” we really are. I always think why are there so many imperfections in me? And how does He expect me to teach these people with my imperfections? It’s difficult really difficult. But here we all are as a mission force! Gosh I don’t even know the number but, we are just trudging a long with our white shirts and little black plaques! 
Here’s a quote I have always remembered, "Is what you're living for worth Christ dying for?" When the answer is no, change it. Honestly I want you to ask yourself that question. What the heck are we doing here? If we chose to live in a fallen world, what’s the purpose? What is your purpose? Are you worthy? Just ask yourselves some of these questions once in awhile. I know that for me I am always talking to myself in my head!!! It helps so much; I have learned so much about me and what my purpose is. What I need to do, my focus in life, and all that jazz! 

I guess I am always so harsh in these emails because… dang it I love every one of you guys’ and I know how important these words I am preaching are to all of us. Don’t leave room for the enemy of our souls. There I said it!

Something else I wanna say, well, I’ll just put it out there… I miss playing baseball. Soccer is fun and all. But I want to spit some seeds, screw around in the dugout, and run some striders! Call me crazy but, that’s what I’m missing right now. I miss my throwing partner D-Will and I wish I had my glove here. The ‘ol 13 incher, flare, two in the pinky. Oh gosh, ok sorry I’m done, I’m done. I just had to throw that out there. Kinda miss Utah too, Utah is an awesome state, with awesome people! 
Help the missionaries.
Here are some pics!
Elder Ely

Harassing his companion

Enjoying the fruits of their labor, (reward for the baptisms = a trip to Power Chicken)

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