Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

Well, Happy Birthday Samson! Ha-ha, this is weird! He is getting old and I’m still in Honduras! Advice for your senior year, don’t blink, it’s just is over before you know it. So Sam, do not lose yourself, and stay worthy!!
 I sure have been realizing how much I have changed, with a year just around the corner it’s hard not to reflect on who the heck I used to be. A lot of the time it’s hard to remember. And a lot of the time I don’t really want to. I’m so darn happy with my life and myself! I walk into these beat down houses and look at how the people are super happy that the missionaries are here. They are always saying “Elderr encheggan, ellderr encheggan.” It makes me smile so big. I have had some success helping people change their own lives. It’s such an awesome sight to see. 
We found the coolest little family starting up here in Honduras, the guy is actually from California and he has a little boy and a new born little girl! Familia tejada! They came to church and they are so receptive and they are married supposedly, still have to check that out for sure!  But, it is so awesome to finally have some help in the lessons and have a comp that can feel and use the spirit! I’m just super happy with my new companion! His name is Elder Salcedo and guess what... he is from Lima, Peru! We have stayed up late like every night just chatting it up with each other. We are super close already and I can tell the goodbye is going to be hard!! Ha-ha maybe I’m getting ahead of myself! Anyway he was actually comps with elder Lewis my second comp. he was his trainer here in the mission and he started in Trujillo like I did!!! Pretty cool!
Other stuff to tell you guys, well I got bit by a poisonous spider this last week... ha-ha didn’t think it was poisonous and didn’t think it was a spider bite till my foot went purple and hurt super bad! Ha-ha. Whoops! I called the nurse of the mission,  she was like yeahhh... you should get it checked out but, it started to get better so I didn’t go, then  this week I started having heart problems! Ha-ha, I know yikes!! Don’t freak out mom I’m not dying but, they say maybe the venom is in my blood. I took a trip to Progresso today to get it checked out. It’s almost like sometimes my heart stops; I thought I was having mini heart attacks, but turns out that my heart is just a little inflamed. So they gave me like muscle relaxer stuff and stuff to put on the spider bite and some medie for my heart.  Hopefully it works! Cross your fingers!!! I really feel fine and it was just like three times that my heart did a weird thing.  It woke me up one night but, today I haven’t had problems so I think it’s gone!!! 
It’s so awesome lately, I haven’t been writing as much, it sucks for the others out there that want to know what’s up but, I’m just doing my thing with the Lord and my comp., just finding so many people that are going to progress and going to help this extension become a branch! I have alot of great ideas to do with the extension and members and so we are putting some of those into practice. It’s so fun this whole mission thing. I respect bishops so much more now, because now I can see what its like! Everyone turns to me for the problems and at first I was like; I’m still trying to figure me out. But know I know and it sucks that it took almost a year to give my 100% to the Lord, but I’m here.
I got some pictures to send so I’ll start doing that now butttt ok seee ya!!!
Elder Hansgen

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