Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9, 2014

This was a week that went by like a day, let me collect my thoughts…

This is Morazan!!!!

I will start from Sunday and track my way back to last Monday!

This Sunday we brought 10 people to church! It was so great to see all the members talking to them and making them feel like they were at home. The smiles were priceless. I love smiling!!! Anyways, a bunch of missionaries asked how the heck we do it and what we doing different to get these people to church. Well, I’ll tell you what we did… This Monday, a huge wind and rain storm came in, the most powerful storm I have ever seen in my whole life. It was ripping the roofs off people’s homes and everything. We were getting ready, and I looked at my comp, I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was thinking in his mind, we just have to go out. Ha-ha I don’t know why I just said ¨the whole time¨; it took like twenty minutes to get ready, not like three hours! Anyways, I was just thinking to myself and somehow I knew my comp was thinking it too, Mormon missionaries just go out and work, it doesn’t matter the situation or conditions they just do it. Something I have learned out here is what work really is, what success really means to people. If you’re tired so what! If you are sick, so what! Hungry, thirsty, weak, strong, cold, wet, sweaty, hot, it just doesn’t matter because you get it in your heart and mind that there are souls out there that need us and it’s worth it. So we went out and people were pointing in awe that we were out in that weather. We went to our appointments! All of them...not home, ha-ha great! We came back with all zeros in our planners. We said the closing prayer for the night and we just said to each other we have to catch fire this week, and so that’s what we did. I don’t know how to explain how good the company of the Spirit feels.  It’s just something that every one of us has to find. We worked through lunch and everyday this week we were up till like eleven or twelve, making food. We didn’t come home until nine thirty every single night. I’m not saying you have to do what we did every day to be successful, but there is a blessing tied to every commandment kept, and to every effort spent. You just have to find it! Open your eyes it’s there. 

D&C 88:67 reads “And if your eye be single to my glory, your whole bodies shall be filled with light, and there shall be no darkness in you; and that body which is filled with light comprehendeth all things.


I have really focused on people’s eyes lately.  I have noticed I have been crying more and I have been feeling the Spirit hit a lot sooner in the lesson. I am more prepared to teach them when I listen to what their spirits are saying and not the words they are saying. Our investigators have been amazed at some of the stuff my companion and I have been asking them, they are usually in shock that we know what to ask them about and want to know how we knew. It’s a cool feeling to be an instrument in the Lords hands. I have had a good year out here...baggy...ha-ha but seriously it’s just so cool. I wish you guys could come out here and live what I’m living because there is no way to describe it!

Yeah, I know you are all super upset because I haven’t had the baptisms every week and that sort of thing, but we are about to fill the church up. I’m pretty sure we will have seven at least the 28 of June so, if you can wait till then it would be nice. Send the hate mail to6190 south Clear Street. I’m sure the people that are living in our old house would love to hear about it.

Oh yeah, I baked a cake for the Relief Society this week... ha-ha I always tell the members here that I’m part of the soc soc. ¨socialidad de soccorro¨. This P-day we made pancakes and smoothies with the district, it was pretty sweet.


I am still a little bit worried about my heart, but it’s alright, serves me right for the old saying “gotta slay a couple dragons to get the princess.” I think I found her, but I am still accepting future wife references as well!


If anyone is wondering or interested, yes, packages to get to Honduras, and if you have any questions just ask my Mom.  I accept everything and rarely return. I cleaned out the cob webs so mail could get in our mail box too. So if you were worried about that, I fixed that problem up!!!

Ok Byeee,

Elder Ely

Heroes get remembered but, LEGENDS never die!

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