Monday, July 7, 2014

June 30, 2014

Hey all around good week! Had a baptism so that was sweeeett! A great guy! I’m not going to take credit for the baptism because I was just asked to do the ordinance for the sisters here in Morazan! It was a truly humbling experience. He opened and entered the door to salvation this Saturday! While in the water and watching as the old stinker gets in the pool. I had a couple moments to reflect on the mission, what I have done here? How many people have changed my life forever? I also thought about baptism, and how this man, only knowing the true gospel for three weeks has made such a life-changing decision. It’s taken me a lot more than one experience to change my life and to change my thinking and I know it’s going to take a lot more. This old man taught me something on Saturday, without even opening his mouth… There is a God, He loves us, He is watching over every single one of us and He blesses us with a lot more than we deserve at times. Who the heck even knew who this man, Jose Bernardino, was before? What has he done with his life? Was he successful? (I know he was divorced). All of it really doesn't matter; he has now entered into the fold with one Shepard. 

OK, well here it goes… my knees have  problems now. Not to be a Pharisees, but I have been praying a lot this week. We have so many people we are teaching that will get baptized. I have been praying for not only them but I have been praying to stay in this area. Ever since I got here it was hard.  My comp had problems, and everything that could go wrong went wrong. Our lights got cut, our landlord threatening to kick us out, not enough money, no minutes on the phone, etc... I had been praying “get me the heck out of here.”  Well it all changed this week. What the heck was I thinking? Who the heck am I to ask to leave an area? In this week alone we found three families that are just down with it to be baptized. I was super humbled by this experience. They are definitely blessings from God that I do not deserve. It’s not that I am unworthy of it; I actually have been working harder than ever and coming home just in time to not be late. My comp and I are super obedient and I guess we are reaping the reward but I still feel pretty small in the whole process. God knows who he wants in the church. I'm just lucky to be along for this amazing ride! It’s weird how people become prepared! Line upon line and precept upon precept has got me converted along the way. I found a testimony out here. Yeah it’s been hard at times because I still lose my temper, I still do dumb things and say things I shouldn't but, I'm better now. It’s like this mission thing has taken me to the doctor and now I'm getting fixed. Everything working properly minus the knees but that's a good mom don't worry my knees are fine it’s just a joke...The new and improved, I finally get it. I say that in the most humbling way as possible. I don't know everything but, I finally understand. Now it’s time to start another quest because once you achieve knowledge of something it stops becoming faith. It’s the cycle that keeps on keeping on.
Another thing that I would love to talk about with as much love as I possibly can is self justification. Stop doing it. Stop pointing fingers at him or her or anybody. You aren't where you want to be because of this action. It’s sad to talk about it and I guess it frustrates me so much because it was one of my biggest problems. Sin is not justifiable. You can’t do it. Like I have said, I have sat on the fence and I was not happy. I pointed fingers and I found emptiness. It is super easy to do and that's why Satan likes it so much. He is all about temporary feelings. The temporary happiness to break the law of chastity, to drink, smoke, everything about Satan is short term. This self justifying sin is a temporary feeling of phew, at least I'm not doing this, or phew it’s his fault, no guilt here! If we figure out why Satan is using this dark tool to trick us we then find his grand plan. Unhappiness for all, at any price and free most of the time! 
It has been a minute since I shared the testimonio. Let me pull it out real quick… I know God is the God of Happiness. I know He has a plan and there are certain things we need to do to achieve the presence of Him along with true joy and happiness. I know that one thing we have to do is renew covenants every Sunday and understand what the sacrament really is. We are to be perfect and I know it’s not possible to obtain in this life and it’s hard every single day but the everyday fight to get there pays off after we are buried. I know that Jesus Christ lives. That He died for me, you and zaboomafoo. Okay I had to put that in, sorry, but seriously… I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church. I testify that blessings will come, but don't hold your breath get up and go to work. I believe and know that we all will live again, that my family is eternal. I know you can change, because I myself have changed. I know we are sons and daughters of God Almighty, the Father that is in heaven. I invite each one of you to start acting like it! I so testify of these things in the name of my Savior and Redeemer the very Son of God, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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