Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 22, 2014

My weekly letter… (Thankfully answering some of our questions)

My new comp. is really cool, we are best friends already!  I got the package it was amazing, just what I needed and a good surprise! I love you so much Mom, you always know what is good. We didn't have dinner yesterday because we didn't get back to the house until 9:30, so we went to bed hungry.  No members in this area feed us, there are not many members and we couldn't eat in their homes because there is not very many that have the priesthood in them. I have been making soup a lot, I eat soup everyday  for lunch.  I make my rice or pasta and plop it right in the soup.  It’s not like I am an amazing soup maker, I just have to thank whoever “Maggi” is because that is the name brand on the soup packages.

Everyone talks about my smile but really I could be a sock model when I grow up, my feet look pretty dang good in a pair of socks!  Ha-ha that was pretty random?!

We had some weird appointments with some different people and the week kind of just felt a little off, but we had more success in church this week and we are going to be seeing some baptisms in the upcoming weeks!!! 

It’s so weird how thirsty I have been for baptisms! I have had such a desire! Fasting, praying and contacting like crazy to find the people who are ready. 

Finally!!! We have some very important and special people we are going to be baptizing! An inactive/part member family has been coming to church because we found them and started teaching them.  They told us that some of them were members well, so half of them are baptized and half weren't baptized. Why? Anyways they´re getting baptized nowww!!!! Its sweet it will bring like 8 people back to church!!!

Gosh, so much to say such little time!!!

Shout out to the missionaries that are reading this blog! Haha, I don’t know why you read this its pretty average! Shout out to Hermana Klein, because we all know without her, President Klein wouldn't be here!!! Shoot that reminds me I have to write that man! One sec....Okay where was I?

I’m stoked for everyone that’s going on mission, has plans to go, or has gone on one because that is where it is at! Missions are just the best thing ever. I have told a few people that I have a lot of fear to return I don’t want to leave. I know I have a year left but, still wish it was lifelong “hondyyy” (Honduras)

Anyways pray, and do all the right things. Satan is such a “dorkbutt” so don’t let him trick ya!

Love everyone,

Elder Ely Pely

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