Monday, January 12, 2015


I’m so sick of people calling me that.... here’s the story.
So Wednesday night I go to bed, nothing too exciting going on there. I woke up...boom I could move my legs.... I looked like this:

Frodo after he had been bitten by a spider or stung whatever those things do...
Or I looked like this:

The past four days I have been in and out of the hospital and my bed because a poisonous spider bit me three times in the right leg and six times in my left. I woke up and I couldn’t move my legs!  They rushed me to the ER where the shot me up with a bunch of drugs and from there I literally just sat in bed for three days sleeping and taking pills and cutting puss out of my wounds,  it was fun, ha-ha! Good, quality, time to read the Book of Mormon. I am almost done with my fourth time reading it here on the mission!!!!
But everything is good now! Back to normal! I am training again so that is great! This Elder is super cool and his name is Elder Mendez!
So maybe everyone in Honduras and other parts of the world know this but outside of the USA every computer you put your memory card in has a it’s cool all my photos are just on lock down.  Hopefully I can recover all of them and send everyone pictures of my partially shaved upper thigh. (before we left for the hospital I knew that they were going to look at it so it gave me pena (regret) to go with such a hairy thigh) I trimmed leg hair just a little bit. Anyways you will all see very soon that I’m pretty white and I can tell you all I definitely cannot squat three plates right now…
Anyways,” Lets gooooooooooooo home stretch!!!”
I miss everyone and love everyone, hope you are all good.
My sister is getting married, cool, I’m mad about it but whatever, she deserves it! The exaltation part of it, that is.
Efy on replay.....
Moms going to be ticked if I don’t answer questions but what’s new!!!! Ha-ha love you a bunch mom I do it because I love you!!!!
Ha-ha Sam got spit on in an indoor soccer game!!!! 
Dad sweats so much....ha-ha

Elder Hansgen

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