Monday, January 19, 2015

Well here is a recap of the week…we found this Bob Marley dude, he looks like he is Bob Marley but like the “work out” version.  This guy uses a machete for work, like all he does is get up, smoke weed and grab his machete and he is ready for work. He is the hardest working guy I have ever seen, he is so, so, cool. Probably like my favorite dude eveerrrr! I am so happy we are teaching him, he is making progress on not smoking weed and he told us the other day that he just wanted to know which church was true. I literally stood up and I was like I love you man and gave him a hug. Hopefully he gets baptized!!! He lives in the coolest place; I will send pictures when I figure out what’s up with my camera’s memory card!
Cool story: Well this happened a while ago and I’m pretty sure I haven’t told anyone because it’s pretty sacred. But, I just want everyone to know that the power of God is real. The power and authority of God has been restored. It’s not any news that’s brand happened like a long time ago with the whole Joseph Smith, restoration of the gospel thing.  I know this for myself and I invite everyone to know it for themselves as well.  So here I go with the cool story…
Everyone in the world is stressing about the cure for cancer. I mean there are people that all day, for their job, research for a cure. I found out something in one year and a half that experts in cancer don’t know...and that is that power of priesthood can cure cancer!
It’s a pretty simple formula. It’s a mix of unwavering faith and some worthy priesthood holders that listen to the will of God.
So I wanted to tell this story because I met the biggest critter of a woman the other day.
Critter= A person that just by looking at them warms your heart.
So, we got a call and started sprinting towards the hospital... The only question I asked my comp was “do you have the consecrated oil?”  (Usually I have mine but the robber got mine) Anyways, we get there my shirt is untucked and we meet the Zone leaders at the hospital because the Sister (a member) had called us both. We get a little run down on what had happened. turns out her sister had just been admitted into the ER because her stomach was super bloated and inflamed and blah, blah, blah and she was really sick... we were sitting there and the doctor comes in and just says “yeah, we have run some tests and its seems as though you have a tumor in your liver.” Liver cancer (I remember a few terms from the medical terminology class and hepat- has something to do with the liver) and then he said it was cancer. I looked around and everyone was staring off at something. Everyone had this unconcentrated stare off into the distance. 
It sucked. There were like one million things I could say as a missionary that would be good doctrine to teach. I thought about the plan of salvation, the atonement, and life after death..... Nothing came out as I just tried to swallow the dry spit I had in my mouth. The cute little old lady (Critter) just started massaging her head and I think it was just to try and hide a little of her tears.
She asked us to give her a blessing. She isn’t a member and she asked us to give her a blessing? She put forth her faith. I looked across the hospital bed and Elder Larson was just like well who is going to do the first part? I looked around and said I would.  I thought to myself, “Do I really have the faith to bless a dead among the living? Were a few words said in a priesthood blessing going to help her? I anointed her with the consecrated oil and said amen. We looked around again to see who had the nerve to do the second part of the blessing. The companion of the ZL, Elder Monterossa offered to do it and we all wiped our hands clean from the sweat in our palms to put our hands on her head. I don’t remember what he said but I opened my eyes during the prayer (hopefully I don’t get burned in the last days) but, she was smiling peacefully. I was thinking to myself, “What the heck lady you have cancer, stop smiling peacefully.”Long story shortened, I saw her on New Year’s Day and she told me she is grateful for worthy men like us and she plans to get baptized soon. She says 2015 will be a good year without cancer. The ignorant little me said, “what?” Turns out she had been cured from cancer, the cancer is gone!
"Critter" and her daughter
I just said something stupid and stepped back, got a little light headed. I watched her for the last 10 minutes we had with the family (my comp was finishing up eating) and I was just in a daze watching her. She was laughing, talking, singing. it was marvelous. I am an instrument in the Lords hands. I’m a changed and converted, I started realizing what a marvelous work this is. He stands at the head of this church and He does what He wants when He wants to.
Miracles exist in these our times. I know it, I know it, I know it!
I have to keep telling myself that every night because I’m afraid if I don’t I might be one of those idiots (Lamen and Lemuel) that are slow to remember.
Testimony: God Exists. Jesus Christ is His son that He sent. He is the Christ, Savior and Redeemer of this world. He works within us as well as He works through us.  They are always so close to us but at the same time it’s a long weary path to be on. Use Them at all times in life, don’t feel selfish (doing everything on your own) because They like to help. Be grateful, when we aren’t happy it is because we aren’t grateful. The work of salvation is progressing at an exponential rate and I am loving being a part of it! The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored. It’s here and I represent it. I have been converted to the fact that when you are found in the service of your neighbor you are found in the service of a kind and loving Heavenly Father.
Serve others this week. Be worthy. Choose the right. Listen to the whispers of the Spirit.
Do something today that your resurrected, sealed family will thank you for in time and all eternity.
Make covenants, Keep covenants. Keep commandments.
Love you all!

Elder Hansgen

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