Monday, August 26, 2013

Raining and Cockroaches (or however you spell them I hate them so bad I hope I spelled it wrong just to show the absolute disrespect I have for them) and HEAT!!!
Whoa, that was a long title! HOOOOLLLLAAAAA ¡¡¡¡Gringos!!! Siempre. I always get called a gringo ¡Vive Gringos! Haha, it is hilarious the Honduran’s harass you for being white but, then they watch shows in English, love American clothing, and love talking with me about America! 
So let’s talk about this whole fiasco about me teaching an English class, which is now a weekly class taught on Sabado a las cinco  en la tarde. We had about seventy people say they were coming and only like 20 showed. The class started at 5:30 because like most things in Honduras, they start late. No one cares about being on time!!! I tried to teach them the alphabet and numbers.... hahaha. Wow....just wow! I probably confused myself more than I confused them! Train wreck but, it was like a train wreck that exploded at the end because no one told me that there was also a Zumba class at 630...hahaha, Zumba in Honduras includes: 500 feet of extension cords, a table outside and a 15” plasma screen tv, on a basketball court. Holy cow if you thought this was ridiculous in the states wait till you have seen it here. hahaha yeah I’m not going to lie I joined in, because why the heck not??? I sweated through my pants which was gross. Yeah the Moms got a good little laugh out of me looking like a peed and pooped my pants. It seems like a common thing for me to be talking about poop on this weekly letter ok I’ll try to refrain from speaking of it. One last time pppppppoooooooop ok, I am done!
Ok it has rained sooo much here sometimes I just look up into the sky and think to myself how the heck does this much rain fall from the sky. The rain here doesn´t feel like rain drops hitting you it feels like someone is walking around with a Mary Poppins bag...but it is filled with water and it is just continually pouring on your head! That's how wet you feel and that's how hard it rains here. It is never just a light rain either it is straight up “Notebook” rain...hahaha yep I just referenced that.
As well as it being the most moisture packed week it also has felt like the hottest week ever!!! I just sweat my weight everyday!!! It’s awesome I have now made a game out of it guessing the number of drips of sweat that will come of my face!!
Now on to the most awful things of the world… I know everything has a purpose in life except. ...cockroaches! They are awful and the filth of the earth. I am so happy that we don't have an infestation in our house in good old Murray, Utah! You couldn´t feel more invaded when two of the devils are in you shower bag. Like come on, have the decency to stay out of there. That is a total invasion of privacy! That takes away all sense of security! Also, when you are shower and one just peeps out from a crack, its like are you serious? You think I am joking but I talk to them and ask them what they are looking at, I am showering and I tell them to put those antennas away! Those antennas feeling around like that remind me of pedophiles in the US that are fifty year olds and have food in their beards.They have one of the sides of their shirts untucked and have sunglasses that are a knock off of RayBan's. They are using a toothpick and are in the local park preying. Wait, I think I just described a biker I don´t know?? Anyways!!! hahahaha I hate them and want all of them to die. I hate them. Hate is a strong word.

Ok, well we might have some baptisms in September which will be really, really awesome! 
I am praying for everyone back in the states everyday! I also pray for all my brothers from other mothers serving throughout the world! Keep it up! 
Ok love you family!
Trying to giv´em Heaven
Winning the war against Cockroaches
I miss American food and candy.
Elder Hansgen
PS So we are hitchhiking home from a district meeting and we are between finding another ride, we are walking along and I turn my head and look across the road and there is the Honduran Circus! I ask my comp ¿Cantos personas usted pienza muertos aqui?(How many people do you think died here?) Haha, we laughed so hard. It is so soosososososoosososo scary, just on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere!!! 

Hermana Rosaria washes our clothes, what a sweetheart.

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