Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 9, 2013

¡Bienvenidos! Todo Cheque aqui en Honduras!!!!

So this week went by super fast! I am just going to stop saying that because it happens every single week. Anyways, I hope that everyone is ok with me preaching through the computadora!!! hahaha if I offend anyone it’s because I’m not perfect but, I know one thing; this gospel is perfect! So if you don´t want to hear it from me, get down on your knees and ask someone who is perfect and does know everything!
I honestly don´t know where to start with this week, so much packed into one week! 
We had a trainer/trainee meeting in Cieba it’s a good five hours from Trujillo but, funny thing, me and my comp. found out it was a hard seven hitchhiking. Why did we hitch-hike there you ask?? Well we did because…. well I will just leave it at this; my comp. is stupid with mission money so we had to hitch-hike there. And since we didn´t pick up my clothes in the morning because he was sleeping in I had to wear a long sleeve shirt. Boy, did I have to pray for patience that whole day. 
I am super grateful that I am being tried and tested!  It not only has strengthened my testimony it has given me a whole new insight of living!!! 
It’s been a good week with a bunch of great lessons in the rain!!! Just when you don’t think it couldn't rain any harder you look up at the sky, a drop hits you in the eye and stings for a bit. But there were a bunch of rainbows so obviously the second coming is not coming this year!!! Dang it, I am stoked for heaven!!!
Todavia (still) working hard, being obedient, following the rules with exactness and leading by example. I still love it here and   I freaking wish I had a super power for teaching the gospel so no one would be lost!! It makes me so sad when we run into hard hearted people. We need this gospel trust me! Everyone needs this in their life there isn´t an excuse… just plain and simple you need it. You need the saving ordinances, you need to not just read the scriptures but actually learn from them. When you learn something you have a change in heart! Ok sorry, but freaking holy cow I don’t have the words in English and I hardly have words in Spanish, but I know something and no one can take it away, it is something I can give to everyone I come in contact with. This thing has not changed my life it has changed my eternity. 
This week has been really fun and this P-day the whole zone came to Trujillo to play!!!! It was super fun and I love everyone in my zone they are all so great and all just choice spirits of our Lord! 
I hope all the best for every single person that is out there reading this and them some! I love the support of everyone! When you see my Mom, Dad, sister, or brother, give them a huge hug for me! I am trying to giv’m heaven out here. Building Zion pebble by pebble but I am doing it!!! Thanks again and I love everyone. Freak this was kind of short, sorry!!!! But I am doing great, I am gaining weight (muscle) I know, I know ladies calm down I’m a missionary. None of that, please, ok seriously calm down….hahahaha joking, but serious about the working out and weight part so actually I was being serious I don’t know why I said kidding! Ok byeeeeeeee, love you alll byyeeeee…
Thanks Dad and Mom for the advice and stories it really did help, thank Stevie for the poem!
Elder Hansgen

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