Tuesday, October 22, 2013

October 21, 2013

Wow. This Honduras thing, I still haven't gotten use to it. I think I am in the same boat with everyone that isn't originally born here. For instance, the Honduras soccer team scored a goal and a guy was just shooting every piece of ammunition he had straight out of his front door. We had to walk way out of the way because where he was shooting was where we needed to walk!!! Crazy, crazy, guy!!! 
I don't feel like I have ever actually been scared like this in my whole entire life like I have been here! The members always tell us where not to go because it is super dangerous at night in some places. Also, they tell us to never talk to people during the night or to look people in the eye at night. So I have become amazingly good friends with the ground!

Don't worry about my life though Mom and Family--- Oh and I bought you guys sick things for Christmas!!! 

Anyways! We have this super cool investigator. She has been an investigator for 2 years now!!! Listen, this lady makes me want to give everything I have away to her. She lives in "los Bordos" Super sketchy and a poor area. She has been working and her husband has been working to pay for a divorce and a marriage for two years. Well guess what, she hasn't worked with me and seen how Ely Hansgen gets things done. I have the divorce taken care of and she is getting married and baptized this week or next!!!!She deserves it. Every week she brings new people to church, some are a little weird and aren't very strong referencias but, I am thankful! She has such a strong testimony and is clinging on to the last string of hope she does have. I am so happy for this family!!! Finally being able to make the first covenant necessary! She talks about her baptism all the time with us; I have never seen someone so ready to do anything.

Let’s flip subjects a little and talk about this barrio (ward)!!!! They are just golden, you couldn't ask for better members. Every single soon to be missionary kid comes out with us every day! They beg us to let them come and teach with us! The members are reference machines! The past three days we haven't needed to plan only like what we are going to teach because our schedule is so full!!!! It’s so awesome when things just fall into place!!! 

I’m super happy and just love to wake up and do some good! I love with all my heart and mind this gospel! I see the big picture! Makes me smile and if you know me I love to smile!!! Only time I am not smiling is when girls make kissing noises at me.  I miss everyone and I miss all your faces.
Stay true to the faith and hold tight to the iron rod!!!
Elder “NotatruegringobecauseIdon’thaveblueeyes,literallypeoplesaythattome”Hansgen
Love everyone so much! Thank you for the prayers!

Cultural Event 

 Ely working with this group on a service project

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