Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 28, 2013

Well here is the weekly report of Ely Hansgen in the Mission of San Pedro Sula East!
This week I learned...well I am still learning patience. People here tell you they are going to go to church but, don't go. The frustrating thing that people don’t understand is I am doing this for them. I didn't come out here for my parents or for a hotter wife, or because it was expected. I came out here because I know that the Lord has lost sheep. I know that he wants everyone to live the Evangelio de Jesucristo...whoops I can't remember what the word for evenagelio is in English....freak this is annoying Gospel that’s what it is!  He wants happiness for them and I do too. 
A huge thing you have to know on your mission is, why do you get up in the morning? What makes you eat the sometimes crappy food; walk back and forth in a city you don't know, and what is your drive? Well a huge part of my life as all of you know is being happy, smiling, and living life to the fullest. I want people to have what I have. When I wake up earlier than I have to so I can pick you up for church and you just don't answer the door because "it’s too hard". 

It’s too hard for me some times. That’s what people don't get. The eternal welfare of their souls is on my head and I can only give them information to take it into their own hands. When I give someone a chapter to read it isn't to please me. I know that our whole religion is in a book that they are holding in their hand and they aren't reading it. I am giving them this book to give them hope for better things, to give them a way that works in this life. I know I am young and the trials that I am having are young too, but I know that through this gospel there is a way that works! 

My mother wants me to give you all a rundown of the apartment...well it’s one level with 3 rooms; you have your big room that is the kitchen and study area, you have our room with the bathroom and then you have another room for the other missionaries that are coming to our area!!! It’s going to be packed!!!! We have a two burner little Coleman-like, electrical stove, a bunch of spoons but no forks, a super sharp knife to spread peanut butter and jelly...kind of dangerous and a microwave!!! I eat oatmeal a lot... I know Mom I used to hate it... but like you always said when I don't want to eat brussel sprouts, “try it, taste buds change...!”

As of now we have six people with dates for the Ninth of Noviembre. Sorry November is that how you spell it? Gosh I am so weird I suck at English! We are hopefully going to get four people married so two marriages if that makes sense!

Anyways, BIG shout out to my Uncle John who is baptizing his daughter, my little cousin Anna!! Super happy for him and her!!! If I were to give any advice to both of them it is this. Stay unspotted from the world and hold fast to that iron rod, look forward to the tree of life and don’t glance into the mist of darkness. Something that has become a bit too easy in this world is letting go of the iron rod for a second for something and then trying to find our way back. I love you both from the roots of love in my heart!  

Super stoked to hear everyone is great and that everyone loves to read my emails (yeah ok maybe it’s a lie that my mom like to tell me but whatever I will believe it) My mom also tells me that I am good looking.... yikes! 

Super “not” down to miss Halloween maybe I’ll throw a huge fiesta at my house...only little kids invited... that sounded creepier than it was meant to.... I mean everyone is invited and no homemade candy allowed!!! I really love U.S. Holidays!!!!

Trick-or-treat must of been a trick because no one showed up for sacrament meeting!!!
Ely Elder “MadeinAmerica” Hansgen

New companion Elder Tingey

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