Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 4, 2013

Well, I am still here working harder than ever!!!! Estoy tocando las puertas y viviendo la vida loca! (I am knocking on doors and living a crazy life) What up Spanish!!! lehhhhsssggggggooooo! I am out on the missshhhhh!!! Haha and loving every single second!  
Let me start by saying this week was a crazzzzyyyy weeekkkk!!!! For those of you who know; well you know and for those of you who do not know it’s to gross to talk about over the internet!! Well looks like you will be waiting until 2015! 
I am opening an area which is super stressful and our stats kind of suck! But, we are doing it with a smile on our face! 
I have already become so close with the members here I can tell I won’t want to leave!!! It’s going to be super hard we have so many good times with them and always laugh super hard! 
Me and my comp were moved by the spirit this week when I said, well let’s go this way. We then went that way, found a new family, super cool family!!! There are six all together and we began teaching them, we found out that it was the girl’s birthday and the mom did not have any money to give her a gift or even a cake. They don’t have a Dad and on the outside appearance these people look pretty rough. My comp and I straightaway told them “hey we are going to leave and come back real quick!!!” They were super confused and were like okkkkkk??? Me and my comp then went to the pulperia and bought this sweet bread and then bought this huge pexi for them (Pepsi) dont know why they call it pexi anyways, we bring it back and we take two matches flip them upside down and place them in the bread, light them and sing happy birthday!!! Made her whole entire families year!!!!! It was just sooo coool!!!! They all came to church the next day!!!!!
I don't know how to put it in words but, I am just happy and it just feels like a dream! I am having fun, doing what the Lord wants me to do. I preach and think the Gospel 24/7 and it never gets old! 

Today is my sister’s birthday…
Well, I can't send anything because I’m a broke missionary, but, I can say this. Stevie you have been 19 years of just absolute fun for me! I don't remember all nineteen but I do remember all the amazing experiences I have had with you! You cannot be a better sister/family member than Stevie Zel has been! She is the hardest worker and the most nonjudgmental person you could meet, not only do I know there are super awesome things in her future but, the lives she is going to touch and effect forever are innumerable! She knows what she wants and she goes and gets it, a missionary we need in the field! 
Stevie, thank you for your example, thank you for watching movies with me, and thank you for teaching me to have fun! We have had rough patches but, we work through it, mostly it’s because we have two completely different ways of thinking and that’s what I love about you. You have taught me more in life than you will ever know and more than I can thank you for!!!Stevie, have a freaking amazing day, you deserve it and I know you will have the time of your life! Super jealous about the “Fam” dinner tonight! 

Family, I love you and Sam you can now tell people what is happening with me! Mom sorry for not telling you sooner!!! haha but, I am fine!!!

Elder Hansgen

Getting an Ultrasound...

Los Lomos

At a baptism with Elder Baldwin, Kenneth and Anthony

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