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November 11, 2013

Well it’s another week in Honduras...enough said. Just Kidding! Well good news I don’t have a parasite anymore and to answer everyone’s question....NO I do not have a baby boy or a baby girl or twins. But, I did have a pet parasite inside my tummy eating it....that answers the Ultrasound Picture! 
Where to start seriously, so much happened this week and I would love to tell everyone every little detail about my mission but, I suck at typing and I’m not a sister missionary so sorry. I type slowly and when I get tired of typing I just end the email! Whoops yep, my future self is going to hate me for it but, whatever! 
This week in the mission I cried. I cried so much! It’s not because I’m sad and it’s not because I’m frustrated. I realized that my spirit is a lot stronger than my tough manly look....hahaha ok that last part was a lie I’m a wimp I know I know. But really, I learned how small I really am and how important it is to teach by the power of the Holy Ghost. To literally giving up your will and put everything you have in His hands. Let me explain. We taught this members daughter, the members name is Hermana Osiris and she is the best person ever. She was inactive for 28 years but, now she is one of the strongest members! I love her. Anyways, her daughter is not a member of our church, a good, excellent, very nice person, but not a member. We began teaching her, she says, yeah yeah yeah I already know this, the missionaries have tried with me before and I am just fine with the religion that I have, but we pressed forward. I don’t know how to explain it but, it just felt like the right time to push and poke at her and find the right thing that she needed to hear to open her up. Anyways needless to say I bore my testimony, I started to cry, and I told her with every inch of space in my heart that this gospel is true. That the authority is with this church, I talked for twenty minutes I asked her what the wall was that we needed to break down inside her head.  She got a little teary eyed and I told her to pray right now... she asked, super hesitantly, “right now?”  I looked her in the eye and I told her, “you ask your Father in Heaven right now if this is true.”  We knelt down and we prayed, I prayed that during the prayer that she would know, that she would get an answer right now, because I knew she needed it, and guess what happened?  Directly following the question of, "Father, I want to know if this is true?" She started to cry, I started to cry, I can't explain, and do not have the words for the pressure and the feeling in that room. It was just four people kneeling down in a little house asking the simplest question that anyone can ask. The Moroni promise, works for everyone, anywhere. I testify that I received an answer that night, my comp received an answer, she definitely received an answer, and so did the Mom. 
Another experience, yesterday, we were trudging through the rain, like usual, and we were headed to teach a lesson, that we were late for. I was pondering in my head just about everything and anything that anyone could ponder. I like the word ponder, anyways I was thinking hard. But then I felt something, heard something and looked up. At the time I heard this I was walking in the street and with my head down, that part is important because it proves to me that I couldn't have been reminded by anything other than the Spirit. As I was walking feeling and hearing something, it was the most out of body experience I have ever had in my whole life! I had completely turned a corner and was starting to walk down another road, my comp yelled and that’s when I finally snapped out of this spiritual haze I had been in. He asked where I was going and I said, “I don’t know, this way I guess.” He said,” alright!” So we started walking and I said for some reason we need to stop at this house. This house is a part member house the two daughters are members but, the Dad and Mom are not. We asked if we could talk with the daughter and the mom went and got her. We instantly both felt something was wrong. We started to ask questions and ask why she was not the same. She started to bawl... as hard as I have ever seen. She blurted out, that this exact day was the 5 month anniversary of her brother killing himself. I do not know this girl! I had met her once before in front of her house but just a” hi and bye” situation. I only have had three weeks in this area my comp has had two. Why did the Spirit tell me and literally direct me to her house. I never knew she had a brother, I didn't even know her name. 
I learned this. Heavenly Father, watches out for His children, literally knows what each of us need. He knows that one day we will all be together forever. That one day she will see her brother again, hug her brother again. Stupid Samson got me crying on this one, because I honestly can't say, "I know how you feel" because I still have my awesome, stud of a brother. But, I know one day I won’t and I know how special he is to me now, I know how “off “my life would be if I didn't have him. I told her that I know that her brother is up in heaven looking down, watching over her, and providing help just like he did here, she just hasn't seen it. She needed to open her spiritual eyes. He wants her to start going to church again. (Oh yeah, she is inactive because of her brother). He doesn't want her to be sad; he knows he made a mistake that he now cannot take back. I know people reading this email have lost a person like this. Well, let me just tell you this, it’s not your fault and Heavenly Father is there. Always there, he has promised he will not forsake thee. Use the atonement, really use it. Jesus Christ suffered for every pain, affliction, sickness, temptation, feeling, and sin. Use his help! He has overcome the world. He is literally the only one that can help you in your time of pain and need. He is the only person who knows exactly how you feel because he has felt it. The Atonement is a wonderful gift that is infinite yet so intimate. Please do not procrastinate the use of this un-repayable gift. Remember the Plan of Salvation, study this and that will also give you a peace like nothing else can give you.
Well let me tell you another experience different than the others. I contacted a house, where an attractive girl came out and started talking with us. We talked to her, got to know her and then started to teach her. It was really weird because she wouldn't let us in the house to teach her Mom. I started in, I talked to her about the restoration I told her the name of our church and why it is named that. And nothing, she started to kind of laugh. I asked her what was funny and she said nothing, I went on again, I pulled out a book of Mormon and testified of its truthfulness. I don’t know how but my Spanish was perfect. I don’t even know how to conjugate some of the words I was using but, I was speaking perfectly and I know it was the Spirit talking trying to penetrate her heart with something. I got done and I was literally exhausted, I had used everything I had, every part of my testimony, I had all the faith and all the words I knew to describe this Gospel and the happiness it brings, my heart felt open. Then something happened that I am still trying o figure out. She started laughing, she was laughing in my face and was saying, “you actually believe that? That was all a joke right...?” I was crushed. I had opened up my heart just for someone to rip it out and stomp on it. I had seen her dressed in white and in the font, it was almost as if I could see the future for a second and as if I was talking to her spirit. But, then the real world set in. My eyes went back to seeing the dull earth and its dullish color. It’s weird to say but for a moment went I knew the Spirit was there it felt like I was being lifted up, but when she started laughing it was like I was dropped down  Into the “chokkkie” from the movie Matilda. I testified again to her. that I didn't know when but, one day she is going to read this book and she is going to know the truth and be baptized, I said maybe not today, or tomorrow, a year or fifty, but one day!
For a long time I was super sad and didn’t know why people are like that. I had a real hard time dealing with that. I have learned this week that it takes time and there are people out there ready to hear it and not. I also thought about how people deny the truth but, I realized, maybe people don’t want to know, maybe they lie to themselves that this church isn’t  true because there whole life they have put everything into another religion and  into other things. But, now they know the truth. I feel like it would be a hard truth to know and to swallow, that their whole life they had been putting their faith in other things and in other churches but the whole time it was here.

Well those are my experiences for the week! I am super Happy!!! And I know why… my comp and I are having a blast preaching and teaching like missionaries do!
I’m giv’n em heaven…
Love it
Elder Hansgen

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