Friday, April 18, 2014

April 16, 2014

April 16, 2014   TRANSFERRED!


Wow, well, a lot has happened!!!! Where do I begin mother? I’ll start out with where I am right now and then I will go from there! Ok well, I’m in Morazán, Yoro. Ha-ha surprise! It’s about four hours away from my other area and it is clear the heck out here. I am still the district leader and the funny thing is, my old comp Elder Tingey was the DL here this last change! We were talking on the phone couple weeks ago and he said that I was going to come be DL out there.  We laughed and had a good time with the revelation that he received. We both cracked up laughing when it really happened! He is such a great dude. 

I cried my crap brown eyes out with my old comp Elder Diaz! We both held it together and we were being men for a long time. Then yesterday we caught ourselves talking about all the experiences, the good times and the bad times. But, that’s not where I cried. Let the record state that he started crying first today when we finally realized that this was really happening and I was like “peace out!” Elder Diaz, for this past change has been trying to learn, ¨Love the way you lie” by Rhianna. Don’t ask me why, yes I told him it was against the mission handbook. He started to sing that to me, it made no sense but, we had a good laugh. He is so awesome and I will miss him so much.  I will for sure be keeping in touch with him. He taught me so much; I saw how to actually love a person with problems with him. He is going to have so many baptisms because we left so many people that are super cool. 

I am now with Elder Lopez from Nicaragua! He is cool and let’s just say we have our work cut out for us, seeing that we attend church in a house and the average attendance is 33 people!!! I am so stoked! I know that it is going to be super duper hard but, I’m so ready for it.

Yes I got Gramps letter, I am writing him back.  How is the Fam? I love you Mom.

Elder Hansgen

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